Anonymous Donor Gives $400,000 for Homeless Camp in Eugene

Apr 17, 2014

An anonymous donor from Eugene has stepped forward with $400,000 to purchase property for a homeless camp in the city.

Credit Desmond O'Boyle

The $400,000 will be used to buy a piece of private property to create a place for homeless people to sleep. The donor has also asked that a health clinic be on site for residents and others in need.

Attorney Mary Broadhurst is a homeless advocate who's worked with SLEEPS and residents of the recently shuttered illegal Whoville camp. She says she's grateful.

Broadhurst: "It is just so nice to be able to have the capital funding to begin real work on this project. There've been many of us who have been working towards this solution for a while now, meeting with lots of frustration with the city. And it is just wonderful to see a private donor step forward to shine a light on the path ahead."

Broadhurst says the next step is to find a non-profit to be a fiscal sponsor for the property purchase. Then fundraising for operating costs will begin. Broadhurst says the camp may be set up like Opportunity Village Eugene-- with on-site managers and rules regarding behavior and responsibility.