Another COVID-19 Cluster Reported In Lane County

Jun 25, 2020

For the second time this week, a COVID-19 case cluster has been identified in the Eugene/Springfield area. Transmission of the virus appears to have occurred as the result of young people in a loose party setting.

Credit Lane County Public Health

Lane County health officials say 5 teenagers have tested positive for novel coronavirus after a recent house party in Springfield. Spokesperson Jason Davis says trace investigations began after one individual became symptomatic.

“We do believe there may be more cases in this cluster. There were around 20 individuals at the party,” he said. “From the reports that we’ve heard there was not any social distancing or masking that happened.”

Davis says this demonstrates a general disregard or apathy by some toward public health prevention measures. While the focus should remain on behavior and not necessarily age groups, he still urges parents to have conversations with young people about the importance of distancing, practicing good hygiene and thinking like a responsible member of a community.