Autopsy Of University of Oregon Student Inconclusive

Feb 19, 2015

Lauren Jones, a University of Oregon student athlete passed away after seeking medical attention on Tuesday. A bacterial infection was suspected to be the cause of her death, but the autopsy results are inconclusive.

18-year-old Lauren Jones was admitted to Peace Health Sacred Heart Medical Center University District and then released early Tuesday morning. Several hours later, she was found in her Barnhart Hall dorm room and rushed to RiverBend hospital, according to an online dispatch log. Jason Davis with Lane County Public Health says the autopsy showed signs a bacterial infection but they cannot make any diagnosis based on the autopsy.

Lauren Jones was a member of the University of Oregon's acrobatics and tumbling team.

Davis: “We may never have a definitive confirmation in this case because we are dealing with a post mortem sample there’s a lot of complexity around that testing so we will likely be taking action and moving towards dealing with this in a public health manner even without those positive tests.”

Two days after Jones’s death the U of O Division of Student Life sent an email asking students who had close contact with Jones to notify Lane County Public Health. According to the email, the university is working to coordinate a meningococcemia vaccination program. Since mid-January three students have been diagnosed with the bacterial infection and are recovering.