Bay Area Weather Causes Canceled Flights In Eugene

Dec 16, 2014

United Airline flights Monday and Tuesday from Eugene to San Francisco were canceled due to weather conditions in the bay area. KLCC's Claude Offenbacher spoke about it with the Airport's Assistant Director Cathryn Stephens.

Stephens said the configuration of the San Francisco airport means rain as well as fog can wreak havoc. They cause incoming delays. These backups then lead to cancellations.


Stephens:  "So they start having weather down there, and they start having to slow down their arrivals and their departures, their capacity goes way down."

But not all flights are considered equal , Stephens says.

Stephens: "Any aircraft size that's smaller has less priority than an aircraft size that is larger."

This, she says, is a business decision related to capacity.  Stephens says the odds of taking off are best with the earliest San Francisco flight of the day.  She also suggests having a backup plan.

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