Café Yumm! Broadway Location To Close

Apr 15, 2019

The Broadway location of Café Yumm! in Eugene will likely be closing in September. Development of high-rise apartments and the restaurant‘s lease not being renewed earlier this year gave the company a sense something like this was coming.

Cafe Yumm! Broadway will likely close in September. This space will likely be developed into a high-rise multi-use building like similar buildings built in recent years.
Credit Cafe Yumm!


According to Director of Marketing and Communications Marne Dunder, this is not the first closure the company has faced. He says they are committed to taking care of the employees affected.

“We plan to keep them employed right up until we close operations at Broadway, said Dunder. “And we’ve already found positions for most of those employees elsewhere in our system or in other Eugene restaurants.”

Dunder says finding out the property would be developed into something new spurred the company to refocus their development efforts from Portland and Boise, back to their roots in Eugene.

Beau Delicious! International is looking at two sites for new stores, including in the Broadway area.