As Chetco Bar Fire Rages On, Personnel Safeguard Buildings and Some Locals Evacuate

Aug 28, 2017

Roughly 20 wildfires are burning across Oregon, including the Chetco Bar Fire near Brookings, which has destroyed more than 117,000 acres.  As KLCC’s Brian Bull reports, the fire remains uncontained.  

Fire crews safeguard structures surrounding the perimeter of the Chetco Bar Fire.

Terry Krasko of the U.S. Forest Service talked to KLCC seven miles from the perimeter of the Chetco Bar Fire.

“It is the number one fire in the country, and the reason it is getting so much attention, is number one the acreage, but of course, also the number one, is the people that it affects.”  

A fire crew member clears away brush in case the Chetco Fire comes through the area.

Krasko says there are roughly 1600 personnel from at least 20 states battling the blaze.  He says six homes have been destroyed so far, and several levels of evacuation are in effect.

“We have asked people to leave," says Krasko.

"Firefighters are in and amongst those homes along with a lot of law enforcement, to keep those homes safe.  

"They have cleared stuff, set sprinklers, they’ve moved the woodpile, they’ve turned off the propane.  Preparations in case fire did come that direction.”

The Chetco Bar Fire was caused by lightning in July.  Besides destroying acreage and threatening properties, it’s severely affected visibility and air quality in the region.

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