Civic Park Taking Shape In Eugene

Jul 22, 2019

Panorama of the Civic Park site.
Credit Karen Richards

At 20th and Amazon in Eugene, several crews are working on Civic Park, the field- and court-sport facility going up at the site of the old Ems ballpark.

There’s a good view of the construction from the north corner near Willamette street, where a ‘pocket park’ will be. Nancy Webber of Eugene Civic Alliance describes the scene:


Webber: “We can see the structure of the KidSports field house which will have four basketball courts inside and four outside. The next step there is to put the metal walls on the second story on the west side and both stories on the east side of the building.” 


The field now has a base layer of gravel topped by a black liner. They’ll lay down turf next. Webber says the field house and the field will open next spring with temporary seating. Grandstands are part of the second phase of fundraising. Timbers salvaged from the June, 2015 Civic Stadium fire will become benches and trim in the facility.


Timbers salvaged from Civic Stadium are being planed and finished for use in Civic Park.
Credit Karen Richards