Climate Town Hall Tackles Transportation

Apr 11, 2019

Local environmental groups will hold a town hall about climate issues in Eugene today, April 11. The meeting will focus on transportation which is the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions.

The second of four climate town halls will be held tonight, April 11, 2019. The subject of interest is transportation.
Credit 350 Eugene

Patty Hine, Co-director of 350 Eugene supports the city’s plan to increase alternative transportation by 2035, but says the community can help take these goals from aspiration to reality.

“We’re activating people to get engaged and learn and be smart about how we effect change for our community and our future.”

Experts will present on ways to expand transportation services, how to make biking and walking safer and the future of Electric Vehicles.

The climate town hall is this evening at 6pm and will be held at First United Methodist Church in Eugene.