DeFazio, Pelosi, See Election 2020 As Better Option Over Trump Impeachment

Apr 22, 2019

Many critics of Donald Trump were upset when House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said recently that the president wasn’t “worthy” of impeachment. 

Another House Democrat, Peter DeFazio of Oregon, says there is a better option at the moment.

President Donald Trump.
Credit U.S. Embassy - Bern, Switzerland

“We need to focus on the next election like a laser," DeFazio tells KLCC. "Already some of the early results show that the ‘Blue Wave’ may have diminished a bit. We have to worry about this a lot. 

"Sure, maybe the House after extensive investigation -which is ongoing- might find impeachable articles. If they do, then I think we’d be obligated to go forward.”

President Trump is already talking up a 2020 run, and faces a growing number of potential challengers. 

DeFazio himself isn’t endorsing any particular Democratic candidate.  But he says by talking about the future of health care, the threat of climate change, and Trump’s anti-immigrant stance, victory is still possible.

Some Democrats are calling for impeachment of the president, including Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren and Minnesota Representative Ilhan Omar.

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