As Election Day Nears, Some Local Republicans Tout Trump-GOP Tax Plan

Nov 2, 2018

In the final days leading up to midterms, Oregon Republicans are pushing back against critics of the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

Donald Trump, at a 2015 CPAC conference in Maryland.
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Portland State University economist Eric Fruits was on a GOP panel at the Eugene Public Library today. He’s argued against Medicaid Expansion and minimum wage hikes, and has been featured in publications including The Economist and USA Today.  He says under the tax plan, state residents will have more to spend.

“The Institute for Taxation and Economic Policy did their own calculations and said that the median Oregon taxpayer would have about $850 more in income after the federal tax cuts went into effect, and that’s for the year 2019.”

But the Institute’s analysis also shows the richest tier of Oregonians will reap an outsized share of the tax cuts…and taxes will be raised on the lower and middle class by 2027.

The effects of the Trump-GOP Tax Plan on Oregonian's federal taxes, across economic classes.
Credit Institute On Taxation and Economic Policy

Democrats have blasted the GOP tax plan, pointing to the increased federal deficit and lowered corporate tax rate as examples of “wrong priorities”.  

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