Eugene 4J Students Test Above State Average

Sep 18, 2015

The state released the results of new standardized tests Thursday. The expectation was that students might find the more rigorous tests challenging. But, Eugene 4J students performed above the statewide average.

The new tests require more than filling in blanks. They ask students to demonstrate their knowledge. Eugene 4J spokeswoman Kerry Delf says students in every grade tested well. But, those from low income households, English language learners and students with disabilities didn't perform as well.

Delf: "There is a gap in what students know, are able to do and are able to demonstrate on the test and we continue to try to seek to address that achievement and opportunity gap between our different group of students whether that group is student's language abilities, a student's disability or any other factor."

Delf says the assessments do not affect student grades but rather show districts and the state how schools are doing and how to improve.