Eugene City Council Loosens Restrictions On Accessory Dwelling Units

Sep 17, 2021

Eugene homeowners have more options when it comes to adding smaller structures to their properties. The City Council Wednesday (9/15/2021) approved an ordinance loosening restrictions on accessory dwelling units or ADUs.

Screenshot of the Eugene City Council's work session on Wed. Sept. 15, 2021. The council meets remotely because of the pandemic.
Credit Rachael McDonald/ screenshot

The city removed some barriers to building additional structures or adding to an existing structure on a lot – things like height limits and setback requirements. During their meeting Wednesday, City Councilor Jennifer Yeh said the council should be proud of its work.

“We’re able to move forward with something, that, while it’s small in scope, just dealing with ADUs, I think it really signals how we’re going to be moving forward in our housing discussion and how we’re going to be making space for more people and more housing,” Yeh said.

The changes had been under consideration over the past 4 years. The modifications were in response to a state law passed in 2017 that takes away many municipal restrictions on ADUs. It’s aimed at helping to ease the shortage of affordable housing options.

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