Eugene City Council Passes Community Safety Initiative and New Committee

Jul 20, 2020

Eugene’s City Council held a work session on Monday night to discuss 21st Century Policing principles and the Community Safety Initiative funding with Eugene Police Chief Chris Skinner.


Diagram of proposed Community Safety Initiative, which changes the role of Eugene police
Credit City of Eugene

Skinner explained police budget allocations and officer response statistics for different crimes. The council then voted to move forward with the Community Safety Initiative proposal, which will change the role of police in the community and how non-crimes are responded to.


Later, the council passed a motion proposed by councilor Jennifer Yeh to form a committee of civil rights interest groups.


“In addition to the 26 committee members, councilors can join the committee as non-voting participants,” said Yeh. “City council members will serve as participants for the purpose of listening, learning, and asking questions to better understand the community concerns and the recommendations that come from the committee.”


Councilors also held a public hearing regarding the downtown park blocks and farmer’s market. However, much of it was derailed by community members who changed the focus of conversation to social injustice and the Black Lives Matter movement.


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