Eugene Looks To Make Changes To Some City Streets

Nov 22, 2019

Changes are coming to how traffic moves through three areas in Eugene. The project Central Eugene in Motion aims to help people get around without cars.

Reed Dunbar, Eugene Senior Transportation Planner, at the corner of 8th Ave. and Olive Street downtown.
Credit Rachael McDonald

The work is part of Eugene’s 20-year transportation plan. It calls for tripling the number of people walking, biking or taking the bus in the city. Reed Dunbar is a Transportation Planner with the City of Eugene.

Dunbar: “We’re looking at the addition of bike lanes or the addition of crosswalks and that sometimes comes at the expense of removing a travel lane for cars or removing some on-street parking. And so, because those are big changes we need to talk to the public about what that means for them and see if the timing is right to implement.”

The areas under consideration include 8th avenue in downtown Eugene, which will go from one-way to 2-way. Willamette Street at midtown, which is also currently one-way and might become a 2-way street and an enhancement to bike lanes between Amazon path and the river.

People are invited to look at the alternative designs at Engage Eugene