Eugene Register-Guard To Outsource Print Production; 49 Local Jobs Affected

Jan 7, 2021

The Eugene Register-Guard will soon be printed and packaged in Vancouver, Washington. The newspaper made the announcement Wednesday, saying corporate owner Gannett plans to close local production facilities in early March.

The Register-Guard is a Gannett newspaper and the corporate owner now plans to outsource printing and packaging to a company in Vancouver, WA
Credit Tiffany Eckert

In a write up, Register-Guard Managing Editor Michelle Maxwell stated the last issue will be printed in Eugene on March 7. Then, all papers and products will be printed by the Columbian Publishing Company in Washington state.

The dissolution of R-G printing services in Eugene will affect 49 employees. Maxwell wrote the company will assist them in seeking new jobs and if possible, offer employment at other locations.

11 pm in the press room at the Register-Guard building in west Eugene, Press operator Alberto Gil was responsible for getting  editions printed before dawn. This photo was taken in 2011.
Credit Tiffany Eckert

News and advertising teams will reportedly remain in Eugene. In a written statement, Gannett spokesperson Carlene Cox said there will be no changes to current paper delivery schedules, quality or design as a result of this move.

In 2018, the Register-Guard began outsourcing copy editing and layout to a design firm in Austin, Texas.

Behind these walls of Eugene's Register-Guard building is a massive press where the local paper has been printed for decades. In March, the presses will stop when print production is outsourced to a publishing company in Vancouver, WA
Credit KLCC