Eugene YMCA And Fred Meyer React To Civic Stadium Recommendation

Feb 4, 2014

Eugene Superintendent Shelley Berman announced Monday he would recommend the 4j School Board negotiate purchase of Civic Stadium with the City of Eugene. The price would be four point five million dollars. 

Credit Jes Burns

YMCA Executive Director Dave Perez Tuesday voiced disappointment while still holding out hope:

Perez:  “We really felt that our proposal offered the community and the School District some tremendous long-term benefits. We don’t think we’re out of it yet. The Board still has to make a decision on the 19th, and we’ll just see what kind of happens then.”

And here's Fred Meyer spokeswoman Melinda Merrill:

Merrill: “We accept that he had a recommendation to make, but the process is not over.  So we will continue working on this until the School Board has its vote.”

Public input On Dr. Berman’s recommendation will be heard by the 4j Board  Wednesday night at 7 and on February 19th prior to its decision that night.