Eugene's Curbside Compost Program Has Begun

Oct 1, 2019

As of Tuesday, October 1st, Eugene residents can put food scraps in their curbside yard waste bins for composting. The hope is to reduce the amount of food that goes into the landfill.

Eugene residents can now put their food scraps in the curbside yard waste bin for composting.
Credit Anni Katz

The change comes after the city did in a 3-year curbside compost pilot program. Michael Wisth is with Eugene’s Waste Prevention and Green Building Program. He says local processor Rexius will turn residents’ food waste in to compost that can supplement garden soil to grow more food.

“And by doing that, it keeps it out of the landfill where, in a landfill, food waste and organic waste tends to generate methane and carbon dioxide. So, we’re both doing good by the environment and recycling a really valuable commodity.”

The curbside compost program will take all kinds of food scraps, including fruit and vegetable pieces, leftovers, meat, bones and dairy. Wisthe says they cannot accept compostable paper products.