Fairgrounds Homeless Camp Proposal Pitched To Lane County Commissioners

Jul 9, 2019

A small homeless camp could soon be set up on a corner of the Lane County Fairgrounds.

A satellite map of 13th Avenue and Tyler; a Conestoga Hut (inset)
Credit GoogleMaps Satellite View / Melorie Begay / Google.com / KLCC

The group, Community Supported Shelters, is proposing three Conestoga huts – small, wooden shelters with curved roofs -  be built on the corner of 13th Avenue and Tyler. The northwest corner of the fairgrounds is largely vacant, though some vendors use it for parking during events.

Lane County Commissioner Heather Buch, at a board meeting July 9, 2019.
Credit Lane County Government webstream

The Lane County Board of Commissioners discussed the proposal Tuesday.  Commissioner Heather Buch of East Lane County backs the idea. Her background includes affordable housing projects.

“I think that this could be a real good solution even if it’s really just three households, but it’s three less households on the street.”

The board was largely supportive of the proposal, but said more discussion was needed in terms of neighborhood outreach, security, and if the site could be approved through the City of Eugene’s rest stop/safe spots ordinance.

If approved, Community Supported Shelters would manage the three huts.

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