Finally, Bus Service To The Eugene Airport

Nov 16, 2015

The bus will take people to and from the Eugene Airport starting next month. It's a service that's been in demand for years.

LTD will begin providing service to the Eugene Airport starting December 1st.
Credit Rachael McDonald

In a partnership between the Eugene Airport, Lane Transit District and Lane Community College, the bus will run Monday through Friday from early morning into the evening. Besides travelers, students in LCC's Aviation Academy are expected to use the service. LTD's Andy Vobora says airport workers will also have the bus option

Vobora: "There's about 1,500 different people that work out at the airport. Different shifts from the airline crews, the kind of people that are checking in the flights, the people that are at the General Aviation Center. And then the 2,400 average passenger trips that come through here every day."

The Airport Connector will be a shuttle that meets LTD's Route 95 bus on Highway 99 between Eugene and Junction City. There will be no extra charge to ride the bus to the airport. Service starts December 1st.