Governor's Commission Seeks Public Input On Elderly Programs, Services

Oct 10, 2019

An event soliciting input on how the State of Oregon can best serve its elderly residents wrapped up today.

The Governor’s Commission on Senior Services met in downtown Eugene, to discuss issues that could affect the state’s aging population as it continues to grow.

Elderly woman with cards.
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Vanessa Cornwall is on the 21-member commission.  She says the emphasis has been on budget proposals.

“We want to protect the budgets for the programs that specifically impact seniors," Cornwall tells KLCC.

"And we’re hoping that people can talk about how decreasing budgets for certain programs have impacted them. Whether or not it created additional hardship or if they had to rely on more family-related services, instead of public community services, things like that.”

Cornwall says their next full commission meeting will be in December.  Residents wanting to share their thoughts on senior programs can do so on the commission’s website, or by phone.

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