Heavy Winter Storm Packs Financial Whallop, Too

Apr 25, 2019

The late February snowstorm that hit the region with a foot and a half of snow now has an official price tag: over $17 million in damages to Lane County.

Utility crews respond to a reported outage in Eugene's South Hills in late February.
Credit Brian Bull / KLCC

Utility companies took the brunt of the cost, with $14 million used in responding to blackouts, removing downed trees, and fixing lines and damaged infrastructure. The remaining $3 million came from debris removal and emergency protective measures. 

Douglas Electric crews navigate muddy roads and downed trees to restore power in early March, 2019.
Credit Douglas Electric Cooperative

Lane County spokesperson Devon Ashbridge says affected agencies will get reimbursed 75 percent from FEMA, if President Trump approves Oregon’s request.

“So we’re waiting just to hear and confirm the President will sign that final order, allowing for that reimbursement," Ashbridge explains.

"And we don’t have a timeline, these things can take either several weeks or a few months, but it is in process and we’re certainly hopeful we’ll receive reimbursement here in the near future.”

Meanwhile, Douglas County suffered $11 million in damages.  Altogether, Oregon’s infrastructure suffered $30 million from the February storm.

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