Jury Selection Starts In Register-Guard Discrimination Case

Aug 23, 2016

Jury selection begins in Eugene Tuesday for the discrimination case brought by Serena Markstrom against The Register-Guard newspaper. Forty-eight prospective jurors will be whittled down to twelve, possibly by the end of the day.

Former Register-Guard reporter Serina Markstrom-Nugent was fired while pregnant in 2014. She is suing the newspaper for discrimination. A jury trial is expected to last through the end of August.
Credit KLCC

In a pre-trial hearing this morning, Lane County Circuit Judge Josephine Mooney hashed out language for statements and instructions to jurors.

Markstrom was an entertainment reporter with the register-guard for 13 years before being fired in 2014 while on maternity leave. The Guard Publishing Company denies firing her because she was pregnant and contends Markstrom was terminated for insubordination, dishonesty and destroying evidence in the form of emails and texts.

The trial is expected to wrap up by September 1st.