Kid Climate Lawsuit Featured On “60 Minutes”

Mar 3, 2019

The young people suing the federal government over climate change were featured on the CBS program “60 Minutes” Sunday. The program highlighted the case that was originally filed in Eugene five years ago.

Kelsey Juliana on CBS's "60 Minutes"
Credit CBS News

The segment featured Kelsey Juliana of Eugene, who is the lead plaintiff in the case. Program host Steve Kroft asked her why this case is so important.

“This is the climate case." Juliana told Kroft. "We have everything to lose if we don’t act on climate change right now. My generation and the generations to come.” 

Kroft also interviewed attorney Julia Olson. She founded the Eugene-based non-profit, Our Children’s Trust and represents the 21 youth plaintiffs. She told Kroft the government acknowledges climate change is human-caused and has known about itsince the 1970s. The case calls for an end to the US government’s support and subsidizing of the fossil fuel industry and for immediate action to end climate change.