Kittens & Bunnies -Oh My! Humane Society Needs Foster Families To Care For Baby Animals

Jun 28, 2019

Greenhill Humane society says –“it’s kitten and bunny season.”- and that means hundreds more vulnerable animals will need care.  The agency is hosting a foster recruitment event in Springfield on Saturday from 1:30-3:00 pm.

Greenhill reports they have up to 30 baby bunnies and nearly 80 kittens in need of temporary care. Their foster program provides training to families and individuals and all the supplies needed to take in animals and help them thrive.

Anyone with love and time can foster a pet, says Greenhill Humane Society.
Credit Greenhill Humane Society

Megan Brezovar is Community Engagement manager with Greenhill.  

“With every foster family that Greenhill has, we are able to save more animals,” says Brezovar. “We really are just always looking for someone to open their house their heart, for a short period of time.”  

Once a foster pet reaches an appropriate weight and is acclimated to people, they are ready to be adopted out. Brezovar says plenty of families fall in love with their foster pet and end up making the relationship permanent.

“Be A Foster” event is at Petco in Springfield on Saturday afternoon.

For more information about fostering animals: Greenhill Humane Society website at