Lane County Horse Dies of Equine Herpes

Mar 11, 2014

A Lane County horse has died and four others have tested positive for equine herpes virus.  Bruce Pokarney is with the Oregon Department of Agriculture. He says equine herpes is widespread among horses and can lie dormant for long periods of time. It is not transmissible to humans. It is spread by direct horse to horse contact. Pokarney says the outbreak is believed to be is isolated.

Pokarney: "These horses have been on that stable for the last couple of months. No movement in or out of any other animals. So we feel very confident it's contained to that one stable. Those animals have been quarantined at this time."

Pokarney says while there's no cure for equine herpes, the symptoms are treatable. The horse that died had been purchased from Benton County. The previous owner has been contacted and reports no signs any other horses have the illness.