Lane County Launches Mental Health Court

Oct 12, 2016

A new court launched this week in Lane County.  It’ll divert people with mental illness away from the standard criminal justice system.  KLCC’s Brian Bull reports: 

Credit's Alachua County

Lane County District Attorney Patty Perlow says it’s taken about a year to get the mental health court going here, bringing her county in line with the rest of Oregon.   

Lane County DA Patty Perlow
Credit Brian Bull

She says authorities partnering with the mental health court will try to flag those who have committed minor, non-violent offenses. 

“Then we have a lawyer in the DA’s office who’ll review the charges and the case with the team to determine whether or not that person is appropriate for the mental health court.  And this seems like a more humane way to treat people who have an illness as opposed to who are intentionally committing crimes.” 

Judge Ilisa Rooke-Ley adds… 

“The best thing that we can do, is treat people fairly and with dignity who definitely deserve that help.” 

Qualified individuals will receive support services and help, such as rehab, therapy, or health care.

The mental health court is funded through several resources, including the Oregon Community Foundation.  It’ll be held every Tuesday at the Lane County DA’s office.