Lane County Leaders Urge Statewide "Stay at Home" Executive Order

Mar 22, 2020

From left: Lane County Commissioner Heather Buch, Dr. Patrick Leudtke, Eugene Mayor Lucy Vinis, and Springfield Mayor Christine Lundberg talk with members of the media on Friday, Mar. 13, 2020.
Credit Rachael McDonald / KLCC

Lane County Commissioner Heather Buch, Eugene Mayor Lucy Vinis and Springfield Mayor Christine Lundeberg have co-authored a request to Gov. Brown to enact a statewide stay at home executive order. 

In the letter, the local leaders point out the challenges in asking local authorities to enact their own stay at home orders, and request clear and decisive state guidance.

They said they were concerned about local “stay at home” policies in the Portland metro area, and would prefer to see a statewide policy to avoid “checkerboard implementation that could result in limited public health benefits and significant confusion for the public.”

The letter thanked the governor for her guidance, but said efforts should be made to “move as one state, swiftly and decisively with unity of vision, unity of purpose and unity of effort.”

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