Lane County Is In Line For Rapid COVID-19 Tests

Apr 1, 2020

Lane County is hoping to get shipments of a new rapid test for COVID-19 as soon as next week. The Abbott test was developed by a company in California. 

Credit Abbott Laboratories

The size of a toaster, it can be performed in a doctor’s office and give results in just 15 minutes. Lane County Public Health spokesperson Jason Davis says when those tests are in place, it will be possible to increase testing.

“In broad terms, it would significantly change our ability to test individuals and probably the criteria for which individuals are tested. However, what it doesn’t change is the overall shortage of the chemicals necessary to test.”

Davis says without enough of the chemicals, the county still won’t be able to test everyone. There has been an uptick in testing statewide and that helps County health departments to track cases and keep communities informed.