Lane County Sheriff Denies Unlawful Collaboration With I.C.E.

Feb 5, 2019

Credit Lane County

The Lane County Sheriff’s Office denies allegations made by several immigrant rights groups, suggesting his department unlawfully aided Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).  Sheriff Byron Trapp says at no time was anyone instructed to violate any policy, referring to Oregon’s sanctuary laws.

Last week, the groups – including Causa, Centro Latino Americano, ALCU of Oregon, and Innovation Law Lab, sent a letter asking the Sheriff’s Office to stop calling I.C.E. on people leaving jail, or allowing I.C.E. access to its back entrance.

According to the letter, this would violate Oregon’s Sanctuary Law prohibiting the use of state resources to assist I.C.E. in immigration-related issues.

The sheriff’s department, Trapp says, does not have a special or unique relationship with I.C.E. that differs from other law enforcement.

He says the letter is misleading and misrepresents standard procedures. Trapp add that he’s contacted all signers of the letter to discuss the issue further.

Trapp says he welcomes any concerns the public might have as well as a tour of the Lane County Jail’s facilities.