LCC Sees Slight Enrollment Increase

Sep 30, 2019

Classes started Monday at Lane Community College. The school has experienced big drops in enrollment since the recession. But, there’s a slight uptick this fall. 

LCC campus in south Eugene on the first day of classes, 2019 fall term.
Credit Rachael McDonald

Enrollment peaked at Lane in 2011-2012 with more than 15,000 full time students. Many returned to school to gain skills during the economic downturn.  The college’s fortunes fell when the economy picked up again and people went back to work. Last year, the total enrollment was around 7,700. Paul Jarrell, Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs at Lane, says there’s a 2.6 percent increase this fall.

“We have seen large growth in business and computer information technology. Our business department is up almost 20 percent over last year. And some of the growth in our computer education technology program is probably due to the new cybersecurity degree that has its inaugural class this fall.”

Lane Community College holds the license for KLCC.