LTD to Limit Bus Service to Prevent Spread of Covid-19

Mar 18, 2020


LTD employee cleans a bus.
Credit Lane Transit District

Lane Transit District announced Tuesday they will operate on a Saturday schedule for 6 days of the week, starting March 23. LTD is trying to stop the spread of coronavirus.

LTD Assistant General Manager Mark Johnson said they’re taking every practical and reasonable step to make sure they can keep the buses as clean as possible.

“We offer our bus operators disinfecting wipes to make sure they can keep their areas as clean as possible," said Johnson. "We have hand sanitizers at all of our major stations.”

Johnson also said they are wiping down buses hourly, as well as cleaning bus benches at their main stations. He said LTD is working with public health professionals when making their decisions.

“This is kind of new territory for everybody, so we are doing our best to make sure that we keep people as safe as possible,” said Johnson.

LTD cancelled the Cottage Grove Connector, EmGo services, and the RideSource Shopper. Other RideSource services will be available for essential trips. For more information, visit the LTD website.