Opioid Overdose Alert Issued For Douglas County

Jan 8, 2020

Douglas County Public Health network has issued an alert for illicit opioid overdoses.  The action is based on a sharp spike in fatal and non-fatal overdoses occurring within recent days.

Credit Douglas Public Health Network

Health officials don’t use the term Overdose Alert loosely.

“There is something going on that’s out of the ordinary and at this point we are at risk of people losing their lives.”

Christin Rutledge is Overdose Prevention Coordinator for Douglas County. She says the alert was prompted over the last 72 hours.

“At this point we have at least confirmed nine opioid overdoses with one fatality.”

Rutledge says the heroin circulating around the county is particularly potent or may be laced with fentanyl. She says if a person relapses, a change in opioid tolerance puts them at higher risk. Free Naloxone kits are available through the HIV Alliance Syringe Exchange in Roseburg. And any pharmacist can prescribe the overdose reversal medication.