Oregon To Expect Record Breaking Hazelnut Harvests This Fall

Aug 23, 2018

Credit (NRCS Oregon)

A new report from the USDA shows this fall could be a record setting harvest for hazelnuts in Oregon. As KLCC’s Alec Cowan reports, this may mean a bigger international footprint.

Oregon grows close to 99 percent of hazelnuts in the U.S. Internationally, they produce less than 4 percent.

But that may change as the global market fluctuates.

China enacted a 15 percent tariff hike on hazelnuts in April. Turkey, the world’s leading producer, is experiencing economic turmoil that may depress value.

As Meredith Nagely from the Oregon Hazelnut Industry Office explains, the conditions may boost the state’s opportunities:

"China had a tariff prior to this for the hazelnuts coming in there. So this has given us the opportunity to talk about what had already been going on, for hazelnuts, and pushing us into the forefront where we’re getting a little more visibility."

The USDA report predicts 52,000 tons of hazelnuts this fall. This would break the previous harvest record set in 2001.