Oregon Lawmakers Will Hit Road To Sell Cap-And-Trade

Feb 5, 2019

The cap-and-trade bill introduced in Salem last week could be one of the more divisive bills this Legislative session. The bill would force Oregon’s top polluters to pay for the greenhouse gases they emit, and it would gradually decrease how many emissions are allowed. 

Credit droregon.org

Republicans say the plan is too costly. In a letter last week, GOP leaders called for a series of hearings around the state. 

It appears t hey’ll get part of their wish. House Speaker Tina Kotek says Democrats will convene meetings on the bill away from Salem. They’ll also allow people in far-flung parts of the state to testify over the Internet. 

KOTEK: People coming off work if you’re in Eastern Oregon or Southern Oregon you can go to your local community college and testify remotely. 

No decision has been made about where or when the hearings will take place.