Outside Cascade Middle School, People Attack - And Support - EPD's Use Of Deadly Force

Jan 13, 2019

Sunday evening, several community members held signs in a demonstration of mourning for a person shot and killed by Eugene Police at Cascade Middle School last Friday.  Another group of people stood in solidarity for the actions of the EPD.

People critical of the Eugene Police Department's response to Friday's incident at Cascade Middle School (top); supporters of the EPD stood across the road from them Sunday night (bottom).
Credit Brian Bull / KLCC

At 6:30, there were just over two dozen people on the east side of the road. They all said they were outraged over the fatal shooting of Charles Landeros. Police say they shot Landeros who had pulled a gun while being escorted from the school.

“We are here to mourn and to grieve for our friend," says community activist Sasha Berenstein. "Someone who was really a pillar of our community, who was murdered by police, Friday morning.”

Across the street was a smaller group of people praising the EPD, including Mitzi Inman. 

"They were only doing their job," says Inman. "They got called over here for a dispute, and they did what they were trained to do, which is protect our children.”

The Interagency Deadly Force Investigation Team is reviewing the incident which reportedly stemmed from a custody dispute.

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