Police Arrest Man Following Vandalism At Friendly Street Market, Dari Mart

Oct 9, 2019

An alleged serial vandal who harassed the Friendly Street Market is now in custody, following an incident at another Eugene store.

Damaged front door to the Friendly Street Market, which also features a sheet barring Matthew Anthony Marks from the premises. He was arrested for shoplifting there in late July.
Credit Erin Gilfillan / Friendly Street Market

Police arrested Matthew Anthony Marks this past Monday, after he reportedly stole merchandise, broke a window, and threatened employees at the Dari Mart on Amazon.

Booking photo for Matthew Anthony Marks, taken July 30, 2019.
Credit Lane County

Friendly Street Market owner Erin Gilfillan says her troubles began when Marks was caught shoplifting at her business in July.  She says after his arrest and release, Marks came back and damaged the front door three times. It’s cost more than $1,000 to replace the glass, and she’s put off further fixes…until now.

“It was difficult because he was coming in the middle of the night, so unless we had a security guard or someone posted outside the door there wasn’t a whole lot we could do to stop him," Gilfillan tells KLCC.

"I’ve had more than one neighbor volunteer to stay outside all night long in their car or an RV, just to keep an eye on things.”

Gilfillan says she greatly appreciates the support the local community has given her and the Friendly Street Market since the problems began.

Eugene Police have confirmed Marks’ arrests in late July and last week.  EPD spokespeople say they are still investigating if other incidents involve him.

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