President Trump's "Sh*thole" Remark Threatens National Security, Says Wyden

Jan 12, 2018

Oregon’s U.S. Senator, Ron Wyden, is condemning President Trump’s profane description of several nations.  KLCC’s Brian Bull reports (ADVISORY: The offensive word is used in this story.)

Oregon Democratic Senator Ron Wyden (L); President Donald Trump (R)
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At a meeting with lawmakers Thursday in the Oval Office, Trump grew frustrated with a debate over a bipartisan immigration deal.  The President reportedly referred to Haiti, El Salvador, and parts of Africa as “sh*thole countries”.

Oregon Democrat Ron Wyden – who serves on the Senate Intelligence Committee – says Trump’s statement can hurt efforts to keep America safe, referring to unrest and terrorist activity that’s been reported in places like Africa.

“When the President comes along and in effect, condemns an entire continent, that certainly takes a real toll on our country’s ability to build alliances and coalitions where we can benefit from a national security standpoint.”

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Wyden says such remarks from the president aren’t what makes America Great. He says instead, it’s values and high standards.

Via Twitter, Trump now disputes using the vulgar term.

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