School Superintendent Shelley Berman Gives A Year's Notice At 4J

Jun 26, 2014

Sheldon "Shelly" Berman asked to be released from his contract as Eugene 4J Superintendent. He'll leave the district in June 2015.
Credit Eugene 4J School District

Shelley Berman will leave his post as Eugene 4-J School District Superintendent after next school year. Berman asked to be released from his contract early and the school board Wednesday agreed.Berman says there are a few reasons for his decision to move on, one is family.

Berman: "I have a family that's distributed all across the country right now and we're trying to bring everybody back together in one place."

Berman says it's been a difficult time with declining funding for education, growing class sizes, and the challenge of implementing common core standards.

Berman: "To support faculty, to be able to help students reach the performance levels that are expected in the common core state standards. All of that has been interesting problems to address but ways that we have made significant progress.

Berman says he doesn’t plan to retire from work but he and his wife will leave Eugene to be closer to family. Shelley Berman was hired in 2011. He replaced George Russell, who was 4J superintendent for 13 years.