Smaller Venues Rock Summer Art

May 29, 2019

Watercolor: While You Lay Sleeping
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Smaller Venues Rock Summer Art

Hello, this is Sandy Brown Jensen, and you’re listening to Viz City, KLCC’s Art Review Program. Today I’m celebrating smaller venues that are rocking summer art.


A couple weeks ago, I had a splendid meal at the Excelsior Restaurant celebrating multiple birthdays. My sister came back from the loo exclaiming about a beautiful piece of art in the Ladies that she would buy if she had the money.


My husband and I exchanged significant looks, he nodded, and I slid off down the hallway to see what she was looking at.  Not only the loo but the hallway had been turned into a gallery featuring local watercolorist Ellen Morrow’s bright, lush images. And yes, my sister got her birthday painting.

At Full City Coffee, at 842 Pearl, Karen Diette has a mini-show called “The Joy of Art.” I think you’ll really enjoy her three old ladies being blown by their umbrellas down a windswept street in Paris. On the other side of the room, look for Art and Photography by Richard McConochie, especially a surprisingly emotional image called “First Time” of a robot looking out over the ocean.

A dentist’s office is another great place to see art, if that dentist is Dr. Don Dexter’s office at 2233 Willamette St, Suite B, . Judi Lamb is currently showing right now, “The Faces of New York City,” and with her is Katie Royce, “In the Forest; Among the Trees.”

Judi Lamb has a show,"Faces of New York City," at the Dr. Don Dexter Gallery through June 25.
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Katie Royce has a photography show at the Dr. Don Dexter Gallery called "In the Forest; Among the Trees" through June 25.
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A small venue with a big show right now is Lincoln Gallery at 309 W. 4th Ave. "Unconventional Canvas" is a showcase of unique artwork inspired by the idea that anything can be a canvas for creativity. From stones and metals, to windows and doors, this show will make you smile, make you feel, and make you think-and isn’t that what art should do?

Now showing at the "Unconventional Canvas" exhibition at Lincoln Gallery, 309 W. 4th.
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Like Homer Simpson said, “This art ain’t going to appreciate itself, people!” So step into the New Zone Gallery at 220 W. 8th or head to the back classroom gallery at Oregon Art Supply at 1020 Pearl Street.

Small is beautiful, so take time to look around you at all the small venuesthat are rocking summer art.

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