Suspect Arrested For Arson Fire At South Albany High School

Apr 2, 2015

Albany police arrested a 28-year old man who they say is responsible for a fire that destroyed a high school cafeteria Wednesday.

Zachary Burghart of Albany was arrested Wednesday for setting a fire that destroyed the cafeteria at South Albany High School.
Credit Albany Police

Zachary Burghart was arrested last night and charged with 3 counts of Arson in the First Degree. He's being held in the Linn County Jail.
Albany Police Captain Eric Carter says the suspect was seen leaving south Albany High School in a vehicle soon after the fire started. The blaze destroyed the cafeteria, an estimated 1 million dollar loss. Carter says the arrest should provide relief to the community.
Carter: "For the students to learn that this much damage was done to their school that, in this case, now we found out that this was intentionally set, so we're very thankful that they don't have to live with, is this person still out there? Could this happen again elsewhere?"
Burghart is also accused of torching a travel trailer a few blocks from the school. Carter says the motive for the arson is still unknown. Burghart has previously been charged with arson fires, according to court records.