Two New Commissioners Join Lane County Board

Jan 7, 2019

Two new Lane County Commissioners were sworn in Monday at the State of the County event.

Judge Debra Vogt: “I Heather Buch”Heather Buch: “I Heather Buch”Vogt: “I Joe Berney”Joe Berney: “I Joe Berney”

Newly elected Heather Buch and Joe Berney represent east Lane County and Springfield respectively on the Board of Commissioners. After she was sworn in, Buch, who’s the only woman on the 6-member board, acknowledged she’s a new face.“Diversity and inclusivity brings depth to the community and should be reflected in our elected offices.”Buch encouraged other Lane County women to run for office. Berney spoke of his goals to work for hardworking families, sustainability and the well-being of the many over wealth of the few. In his state of the County address, Board Chair Jay Bozievich called the county strong and set a goal of putting an end to homelessness. A new board chair will be elected Tuesday.   Copyright 2019 KLCC.