University of Oregon Faculty Union Ratifies First Contract

Oct 9, 2013

The University of Oregon's new faculty union has ratified its contract with administration. 

Credit Jes Burns

The two-year contract is the result of 10 months of negotiations. Susan Anderson is a German Professor at the University of Oregon.  She says tenured faculty and instructors formed United Academics, a union of more than 18-hundred members. All were working toward a common goal.

Anderson: "To make ourselves feel that we have an integral voice in the operation of the academic part of the university so what we can together teach the students and support the students, which is basically our primary mission."

Anderson says before this agreement, many of the faculty had never received pay raises. The 90-page contract includes pay increases, protection of academic freedom and job security for non-tenured faculty. U of O President Michael Gottfredson praised the agreement, calling it historic.