UO Amends Answer To Sexual Assault Lawsuit

Feb 27, 2015

The University of Oregon filed an amended response yesterday (Thursday) to a student’s lawsuit claiming she was raped by three former basketball players.

In the revised response, the U of O removed language seeking reimbursement of legal costs. Interim president Scott Coltrane says they never intended to ask for fees or damages from the claimant:

Interim President Scott Coltrane.
Credit uoregon.edu

Coltrane: “We felt it was important to do this now, because the attention was going toward the misperception that we were suing our student, which was not the truth.”

Coltrane says the rest of the university’s response is the same:

Coltrane: “So the language in the answer is the things that we feel are false that the plaintiff’s attorneys are accusing us of, and so that all remains in the same answer.”

Coltrane hopes the courts will continue their fact finding and discovery. He says extensive work is being done on campus to prevent sexual violence.