UO Cancels High Profile Branding Contract

Jan 14, 2016

The University of Oregon is pulling out of its high-profile, $3.4 million branding and advertising contract, instead directing the money towards academic and research goals.  

Credit OPB

University officials announced it will not continue its 3 year contract with Philadelphia firm 160over90. The UO has paid the firm about $3 million including penalties for ending the contract early.

Tobin Klinger, spokesman for the UO, says the move is part of an effort to redirect the university's fundraising efforts by its new president, Michael Schill.

Klinger: "The president has launched an initiative where he's focused on bringing on board between 80 and 100 new faculty to the university. The efforts are squarely focused on the things that go to directly benefiting the academic mission of the organization."

Klinger says the branding which includes the website's look, T.V. commercials and billboards will now be handled in house.