UO’s New Football Coach Says He’s Ready To Win

Dec 8, 2016

Willie Taggart is the University of Oregon’s new head football coach. At a press conference Thursday in Eugene he promised to make the team winners again.

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The 40-year old most recently coached at South Florida and this fall had a 10 and 2 regular season. Taggart says he’s excited to be at Oregon.
 “I’ve never had the opportunity to have all the resources that we have here. and I got to come and understand the PAC-12 and every team that’s in here, but like I say, having a plan put together and recruiting the right guys in here and making sure everybody’s working in the same direction to get what we all want to accomplish and at the end of the day we all want to win a championship.”

New UO Football coach Willie Taggart got a tour of the Duck's athletic facilities before a press conference Thursday.
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Taggart says one of his first tasks is to recruit a good defensive coordinator. He says he will make sure student athletes do well academically as well as on the field. Mark Helfrich was fired last week. Oregon paid him more than 11 million dollars to break his contract. Willie Taggart will be the Ducks first black head football coach.