Volunteers Clean Oregon Beaches

Mar 22, 2019

This Saturday, volunteers will clean beaches from Astoria to Brookings. The Oregon Coast Aquarium will be hosting one of these 45 beach clean ups.

Volunteer finds tire while cleaning up South Beach State Park at Oregon Coast.
Credit Oregon Coast Aquarium

Portland-based non-profit SOLVE has been coordinating efforts to clear litter and marine debris from Oregon beaches since 1986. The Oregon Coast Aquarium will be cleaning South Beach State Park.

Sally Compton, communications manager, explains why it’s important.

Homemade sifter used to clean micro plastics from Oregon beaches.
Credit Oregon Coast Aquarium

“I like to think that Oregon has some of the most beautiful beaches anywhere and the best way to keep them beautiful and to keep our wildlife healthy is to keep them free of pollution and plastic. And every little bit that we do makes a difference.”

Volunteers clean up everything from tires and plastic bottles to micro plastics sifted in homemade sifters. This helps keep the area habitable for seal pups and sea birds often seen in the area.

For more information and to sign up, click here.