Want To Work For Eugene Police? They're Hiring

Jan 12, 2016

Eugene Police is hiring. There’s a career night open house Wednesday evening.

Credit EPD

Kyle Williams is a Sergeant with EPD. He says the department is looking for entry level and lateral officers. Those are officers who’ve worked for other departments and are looking for a change. Williams says Eugene Police come from all kinds of backgrounds.

Williams: “It takes somebody who is self-motivated, who likes to help people, who likes excitement. There’s certainly a component of it that takes someone that’s interested in a little bit of an adrenaline dump every now and again.”
Williams says the job requires a certain level of physical fitness.
But he says the career night is open to everyone who is interested in a job with Eugene Police.
It’s at 6:30 at the Eugene Springfield Fire Station at 1705 W. 2nd Avenue.