White Bird Clinic And Oregon Country Fair Nearing Half-Century Mark

Jul 12, 2018

The Oregon Country Fair turns 50 next year.  Organizers are mum about what they’ll do to celebrate the event’s golden anniversary. Meanwhile, another local fixture also marks half a century in 2019, as KLCC’s Brian Bull reports.

The Little Wing site for the White Bird Clinic at OCF.
Credit Brian Bull / KLCC

Wren Arrington is Rock Medicine Coordinator for the White Bird Clinic, which has two tents on the fairgrounds. There’s one called Little Wing, and another called Big Bird which is near the main stage.

Arrington explains White Bird clinic’s overall mission and purpose.

“We’re a collectively-run human service agency.  We have a brick-and-mortar presence in Eugene, and nine or ten programs that service the folks in Lane County, all the people that work out here at the Oregon Country Fair volunteer their services, and the money that the fair pays us goes to support our free services in town.”

That includes people who can’t afford insurance or lack access to health care.  Many clients are homeless.   Arrington says both White Bird Clinic sites at the fair can render medical services equivalent to a small rural hospital, save for x-rays or labs.  The clinic marks 50 years in 2019, just like the fair.

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