"Wired Differently": Multi-Media Artist Bev Soasey

Mar 21, 2017

Multi-media artist Bev Soasey
Credit Sandy Brown Jensen

Show: Viz City

Title: “Wired Differently”

Subject: Bev Soasey, Multi-Media Artist

Date of Interview: Sunday, March 12, 2017

Date of Broadcast: 3/ 22/17

Script: Sandy Brown Jensen

Sound Engineer: Terry Way

NARRATOR: Have you ever met somebody who is just wired differently? This afternoon Viz City talks to Eugene multi-media artist Bev Soasey. She has a piece currently at the Maude Kerns Art Center called “Wired Differently,” so we asked Bev about the name.

<<7:11.75 It’s called “Wired Differently” and in parentheses I wrote “Self Portrait.”

7:26.79 I created a grid...I put collections of things that I collect

7:47.87 It’s called “Wired Differently.” It’s part of a story--someone who I knew who was once on a board who told another person, “She’s wired differently, isn’t she?” >>


Bev Soasey listening to interviewer Terry Way
Credit Sandy Brown Jensen

NARRATOR: The show is called “Unspoken.” Artists Beth Robinson and Beverly Soasey are inspired by a shared love of found objects.

<<3:11 We begin with the search--searching items, ideas, and we end in a story...everything is a story>>


NARRATOR: Bev’s workshop is a fascinating work of collage art itself. She says she likes to collect:

<<5:03.83 Things with a patina, that shows age, things that tell a story that I may be reading into it, but I know there’s a history--where did a brush get used, where did an old comb? old photo--who was this man? Who was this woman? >>


Multi-media artist Bev Soasey at work in her Eugene-based home studio
Credit Sandy Brown Jensen

NARRATOR: As she talks, Bev shows us the ordinary tools she uses--she hole-punches a piece of shiny red paper

<<ambi: hole-punch>>

Then she grabs an old aluminum hair curler and begins hammering it flat.

<<ambi: hammering>>

She is demonstrating the way she works various objects with various tools until they somehow speak to her.

<<5:39.10 and so it’s about letting those things speak to me and tell me a story.


NARRATOR: Bev’s hands dart quickly among the hundred and one odd objects on her workbench, creating meaning and beauty with quick, dexterous movements.

<<10:1:22 Look at my hands. If I ever had to be pretty--these wouldn’t be the hands to do it. My father was a builder by trade and my hands look like his.>>


Bev Soasey demonstrating the tools of her multi-media art form.
Credit Sandy Brown Jensen

Bev Soasey is definitely wired differently, and the difference means unique art we all can enjoy. “Unspoken” will show at the Maude Kerns Art Center through March 24. Viz City is co-produced by Sandy Brown Jensen and Terry Way.