Woman of Color Awarded Chamber of Commerce Woman of the Year

Nov 22, 2019

Marilyn Lockman (left) and DeLeesa Meashintubby (right) go over business at Volunteers in Medicine.
Credit Elizabeth Gabriel / KLCC News

A director of a Springfield healthcare facility is the 2019 Eugene Chamber of Commerce Woman of the Year. The recipient is one of the first women of color to receive this honor.

Since 2012, DeLeesa Meashintubby has been the Executive Director of the Springfield clinic that provides free primary and behavioral health services to low-income Lane County residents. She says seeing patient’s quality of life improve is one of the best things about working there.

“You don’t know how exciting it is to see someone who came in really feeling not good at all, but then now they’re able to feel good, they’re able to go out, find jobs,” said Meashintubby. “They feel like they have purpose in life now. And they have a quality of life that they didn’t have before.”

Meashintubby says she’s grateful for the opportunities to encourage other women and the increase in volunteers.